The ability to patrol and intercept hostile aircraft is known as Quick Reaction Alert. Across Europe and beyond, the Eurofighter Typhoon is on 24/7 standby. With outstanding performance and ability to get airborne quickly, it’s perfect for the job.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

  • Even while still on the ground, the pilot can keep a check on the position of the aircraft to be intercepted via its Data-Link (a two-way radio-controlled data exchange).
  • Once in flight, the avionic system helps by calculating available range and endurance and constantly displays the information to the pilot.
  • Merging all available information together through data sensor fusion technology helps to give the pilot the best and most accurate information available.

Quick Turn Around

Optimized ground procedures ensure quick turn around after previous flight with only a small amount of specialists needed.


The radar’s special visual identification modes help the pilot make a safe and efficient interception of the target.


  • As well as aiding Air-to-Surface operations, the pod gives the pilot the ability to perform an identification beyond visual range and saves the images as digital data.
  • During night operations, the Forward Looking Infa Red (FLIR) allows for identification capability.

Engine Start Up

  • The automated engine start-up, combined with several dedicated QRA-modes for the navigation system, allows for an extremely short time frame from scramble to wheels off the ground.
  • The auxiliary power unit can be started by ground crew while the pilot is entering the cockpit after scramble, again gaining precious time.

Eurojet engine

Engine performance

  • The Eurofighter’s twin EJ 200 engines give outstanding climb performance. It takes about 1 minute 30 seconds after take-off to reach more than 30,000 feet, all the while maintaining intercept airspeed.
  • With a best in class thrust to weight ratio — more than 1.5 — the Eurofighter boasts unmatched climb performance.
  • The aircraft’s Supercruise capability gives the Eurofighter the ability to intercept possible targets with supersonic speed, without the need to use reheat abilities (its afterburner), which optimizes fuel consumption.